The 2.0 platform to create your brand

We bring you a 100% interactive experience where you will be able to make the whole ordering process digitally.

  • Create more than 1000 garment pendants in only 2 weeks.
  • Monitor the entire process step by step.
  • Make as many changes as you wish.

The Future Of Fashion Supply Chain - Transparent, Cheap, Eco-friendly

Track pre-production and sampling process

Effortlessly track and participate in the production cycle

  • Track daily progress on your personalised production dashboard
  • Communicate your needs without hesitation at every stage of production

Absolute Transparency With Direct Ground Reports

Receive images and videos from the ground on demand.

  • Receive images and videos from the ground on demand.
  • Sustainable production and ethical working conditions are ensured.

Single source of truth

Enjoy precision in designs and short lead times at once.

  • Share your requirements with ease.
  • Get instant quotes from multiple suppliers
  • Experiment with new categories with low MOQs

Smart and Easy Techpack For An Organized Approach

List all your requirements in one place with a techpack.

  • Specify exact design with images to avoid miscommunication.
  • Receive instant quotes for your orders.
  • Customize products with logos or prints of your choice.

Why Where Brands Are Born


Committed to make the fashion industry net positive for the environment

Reduced Wastage

We make more money by being more efficient and reducing wastage

Ethical Practices

Our suppliers follow ethical social practices including fair wages and artisans’ conditions.

On-ground Presence

Our experienced team of technicians and QCs is present on-ground everyday

Visibility and Traceability

Our platform provides end-to-end visibility so that you don’t have to worry about “What’s Happening”

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